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Do you want to try new sensations? WhatsApp can do it for us in this case, as apparently the instant messaging service will be able to provide much more secure privacy services than any other platform that currently exists. What’s solidifying is not so much that it was shown by the Mater CEO, but more that the green app has the potential to always be optimized. But what should we do?

WhatsApp Desktop, finally an innovation we were hoping to feel more secure
We were waiting for nothing more than this news – Computermagazine.it

Is privacy protection great on WhatsApp?

In the past, some of you may know, WhatsApp It allows users to hide them “last access”But when someone logs into the application, their online presence is visible to everyone.

The management of last access, however, has now also changed in the client for Windows, the company is trying to expand the function with which they can choose who can see their online status to more people. In particular, he talks about this Mark ZuckerbergMater CEO, who published a post on Instagram where he wanted to compare WhatsApp with Apple services in terms of privacy.

According to the man, his software is more secure and private thanks to end-to-end encryption, and these days he points it out to us by adding a new layer of privacy to Windows as well, which allows PC users To manage the privacy of one’s online status more precisely than in the past.

This is the purpose of the function

WhatsApp Desktop, finally an innovation we were hoping to feel more secure
Are we happy to announce this news? – Computermagazine.it

In fact, only users who want to – currently – can see if it’s activeapplication Or not, and when it was too late for anything else. To hide your online status from unwanted users, simply access WhatsApp’s “Settings”, go to the “Accounts” section and then click on “Privacy”.

is the first item on the screen “Who Can See My Personal Information” and is divided Various subsections. In the meantime, let’s go to “Last access and online”, which allows you to access the page where we can choose “Who can see the last access” and “Who can see when you are online”.

But what is their utility? Basically it’s this: in the first case the user can choose whether to show last access to all contacts, none or to unselect all contacts they won’t get. Receiving information.

With the second item, going forward, the user can choose whether to disable the display of his online status to all those who have been blocked from seeing the last access. The new features are already available on mobile clients, and can be rolled out pc Installs the beta version of the application directly from the Microsoft Store.

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