Whatsapp: Distorted messages, now you can really write with everyone



A fantastic new innovation is about to join the WhatsApp universe The announcement just came and users are already excited. Here’s what you need to know about it

The Messaging platform They are one of the most used tools by users around the world. They are used to exchange messages instantly, send and receive all kinds of multimedia content, but also for voice messages, documents, calls, video calls and more.

WhatsApp (Photo Canva)
WhatsApp (Photo Canva)

In this sector, the reference point must be represented by WhatsApp. As such despite stiff competition from other services Telegram and Messenger. To fuel this phenomenon, Zuckerberg Giant’s development team is studying new useful features that suit user needs. One of these should come up already next week

WhatsApp is bringing new features

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We’re talking about the possibility of being able to open a chat with yourself (Adobe Stock).

WhatsApp Getting ready to welcome a great new feature, coming soon to all users This is a long-requested tool and, once again, the development team has shown that they know how to listen and welcomeConsumer feedback. The idea is to make the service as complete and convenient as possible, in order to retain those who are already using the app and attract new users. According to WABetaInfo experts, there is a tool present in iPhone version 22.23.74 and Android version We are talking about possibilities Message yourself.

And it’s not about the beta, but about the stable version available to everyone. A bit like what’s already happening in Telegram, where it’s possible to have conversations where you can save messages and more. Contact will be available directly to you At the top of the contact list, So that it is easy to find. Obviously, as WhatsApp itself explained, everything will be protected Crytographia is end-to-end. Complete privacy, therefore, to prevent what is sent from being stolen and read by other people.

The potential of such a tool is huge. For example if you want Save a reminder, You can write it in the chat and fix the message. Or if you need Store content in a cloud space, need not draw on dedicated platforms. You’ll always have everything at your fingertips and in a single application, avoiding awkward steps to switch from one service to another


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