WhatsApp Drama: Leaked News That Worries Users



WhatsApp is still considered a very useful tool for many reasons. But there is a “hidden side” of the platform that causes a lot of discussion, at least according to the latest information released

No doubt the world’s number one messaging platform WhatsApp. A success achieved over the years and above all thanks to the careful work performed by the team of developers. Every day, new useful features are refined and studied that can enrich A service that is very diverse in itself.

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The leaked news about WhatsApp has already scared the users. Now we need to understand how the situation will evolve (Adobe Stock)

With so many tools made available for free to anyone, it’s “natural” to expect them to be used Even for immoral purposes. As detailed information has emerged in recent days, the Metro service is also being exploited in alarming ways.

WhatsApp as a spying tool, is now a concern for users

He thought about it straight away when he started complaining Pavel DurovOwns its bitter rivals WhatsApp: means Telegram. According to what the entrepreneur explained on his platform’s official channel, all the errors, bugs and data leaks found in the last 13 years within the messaging service They will not exist. Or rather, they were not set up by hackers and bad guys.

whatsapp 20221006 cellulari.it
According to heavy allegations made by Pavel Durov, various data leaks in WhatsApp were actually created by the company itself to spy on users (Adobe stock).

It could have been back doorThat means the door has been deliberately left open by WhatsApp The best spy on their users. A few days ago another update was released in this sense, to fix two flaws in the security system found by some experts in the sector.

Another similar security issue discovered in 2018. Then another in 2019 and another in 2020. And yes, one in 2017 too. Before 2016, WhatsApp didn’t even have encryption. These kinds of issues are rarely random: they’re backdoors implanted in the app“Heavy Charges brought by Durov. His thesis accounts for an episode that happened a few years ago, when Jeff Bezos was hacked. “It doesn’t matter if you are the richest person in the world: with WhatsApp installed on your phone, all your data is accessible from any app.” continues Owner of Telegram.


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