Whatsapp: Finally it’s possible to listen to audio like this, the version that everyone is downloading



A big news is coming for WhatsApp audio. There’s a version that virtually anyone is downloading, and it lets you hear your contacts’ notes in a whole new way

WhatsApp Boasting a set of features that will blow your mind. If today the service is considered one of the best in the world, much is rightly attributed to the work done by the team of developers in recent years. They can be exchanged Messages, audio notes, multimedia contentBut also calls and video calls. Either with one person or in a group chat.

WhatsApp Audio 20221103 cellulari.it
Audio on WhatsApp, a whole new way to listen to them is finally here. And you can’t do without it (Adobe Stock)

One of the most popular features is undoubtedly i Voice messages. The company decided to focus on it more than usual in the recent past, significantly changing the device Just think of the acceleration key Playback at 1.5x or 2x, but animation with voice frequency. Now another change has come which is forcing people to talk, a way to listen All phenomenal.

WhatsApp has a whole new way to listen to audio

If you are a fan Audio WhatsApp Or you have that friend who sends you dozens of them every day, you might want to learn an alternative and whole new way of listening to what the other person has to say. This is a feature that needs help A third party app, But it can change your life forever!

WhatsApp Audio 20221103 cellulari.it
Here’s what you need to know about the feature, which requires the help of an external third-party app (Adobe Stock).

its owners Apple Watch Surely they have already noticed the problem. How annoying is it to get an audio notification from WhatsApp and not hear it directly from the watch? When you click on it there are many possibilities, but not breeding. Luckily there is one Simple and practical solutionSo you can listen to everything without taking out your iPhone.

Just download the app WatchChat 2: For WhatsApp. This is a completely free service that will be able to fulfill all your requests When you get an audio notification, all you have to do is tap and magically Playback will start Note however is not only that, because there is also a button that will give you the possibility Register a Directly from Apple Watch. An additional feature, useful for those who don’t want to pick up their phone every time.


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