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The latest version of the beta on WhatsApp for iOS now has a new dedication dedication option.

Alcune delle New on WhatsApp emerse durante la scorsa settimana The state of Sugargate has finally reached official status, thanks to its functionality. Community Dedicated to the group of administrators. Tutavia, the modification in Serbo Dall’s app messaging is not a sono finite and gli sviluppatori relanceranno anzi a propri progetti a partir dalle proseme settimane.

WhatsApp for iOS introduce new privacy options (AdobeStock)

Not only this, with the help of crystallization even the most useful utility of the stable version WhatsApp, è Possible to have a prima anticipation sulla big process novità that the app firm Meta official will give you who brew. The “solito” WABetaInfo ha infatti skoperto che l’ltima versione beta di WhatsApp for iOS We want to get the equivalent of the option that serves I hope the ultimate access a contatti specifici. In order to be successful, users may be able to determine the visuals of the electronic information potentially reserved as an ultimate access to the app.

WhatsApp for iOS: New option “All contacts, transacts” with its privacy implications

WhatsApp for iOS privacy
New Privacy Apps for WhatsApp for iOS (Imagine by WABetaInfo)

The novelty is available for beta tester and we have certified that approximately the new system will be settled and even newer versions will be stabilized. WhatsApp for iOS. For the moment, even the best sapphire that could possibly utilize a new option, intuitive apprenticeship ”I miei contatti tranneThis page is dedicated to privacy.

Entering the infantry WhatsApp impositions and checking the “Account”, accrediting the other options take place on our profile, even if it is for personal privacy. Clicking on “Privacy” and your “Ultimate access”, If pottery in the future will be far more frequent than this information (and when clicking on“ Tutti ”), opposite solitaire ai contatti (“ I am my contatti ”); Of course, it is very possible that even some of the more cute options of the proprietary reservations, in keeping with the voice of “Nessuno” WhatsApp), or inhibit this information solitary to specific person (for the app, the new voice “Tutti i contatti, tranne…”).

The latest additions are available with the best beta version of the latest version beta WhatsApp for iOS (versione and secondly, WABetaInfo will be associated with the prospect with other important additions always to privacy. In a nutshell, the new voice says “Tutti i contatti, tranne…” has a lot of vulnerabilities even to the implication of privacy dedication. all profile pictures.

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