WhatsApp gets its final version on Windows



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Windows users have always wanted a WhatsApp application that works natively on the operating system and even though there was one, it was only in beta. However, things have changed in recent days, and now the desktop version is already a reality for users who have a PC The changes coming in this version will be: It provides more reliability and speed It is designed and optimized for your computer’s operating system. They allow you to continue receiving notifications and messages even when your phone is not connected It is worth mentioning that this WhatsApp desktop design is quite attractive, but above all it is intuitive, since users will be able to navigate without any problem to find all the options. In part, the ability to drag and drop objects makes attaching files, photos, and more much easier. And of course not to mention that it works without an active phone. It is already available on the Microsoft App Store. Via: WhatsApp
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