Whatsapp: Here’s the video function that no one uses, but it can make a difference



2022 was definitely an anus mirabilis for WhatsApp, the world’s most famous instant messaging application that became a Mater property a few years after its launch on the market and on which Mark Zuckerberg and his team are working hard.

In the first nine months of this year, many new functions have been introduced into the WhatsApp system, primarily privacy protection. Actually, this aspect is on which meta decided to focus on, since in a messaging app where it’s not uncommon to be in groups full of strangers, protecting one’s privacy is the order of the day.

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WhatsApp news in video – Cellulari.it

Summing up the many innovations introduced in recent months, Mark Zuckerberg himself, an announcement at the beginning of the year, seems to have kept his promise. “You can leave groups without being notified by others, control who can see when you’re online, and prevent screenshots of fleeting messages.“: This promise, kept immediately. And now check the additional functions, which you do not expect.

WhatsApp and Video: What’s Cooking Here

New mobile phones, or rather smartphones of the latest generation, facilitate the video and audio functions of users in all areas, who are able to create videos and photos for their projects only through mobile phones thanks to high-performance cameras and speaker systems. And for their social networks.

Whatsapp - Cellulari.it 20221016
Whatsapp – Cellulari.it

And not only for this purpose: there are also photos and videos that we are usually used to exchange on WhatsApp with the people we care about, and now there is a new function that allows us to create a video directly with the WhatsApp camera, which has been greatly improved, and it changes to do zoom Directly while we’re doing it video

It is very easy to do. when we WhatsApp chat With any of our contacts, and we go to open the chat camera, the central round button appears below. As always, we can take a picture once we press it, but if we keep our finger pressed on this button, a video recording starts automatically.

Now the novelty is, if we press the finger on the round recording button and slide the finger upwards while recording a video, it automatically zooms the video closer to the subject we are shooting. Conversely, if we move the finger back down, the zoom returns to the original resolution which shows the subject in its normal size.


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