WhatsApp: How to survive the ongoing scam that has affected thousands of users



The desire for additional features that are not usually part of the official clients of some applications can be very dangerous and cause many problems.

This is happening lately whatsapp, Or rather on some of the unofficial clients of the world’s most used and famous messaging apps, including Telegram: these third-party “twin apps”, unofficial of course, are vehicles for a very deceptive scam.

WhatsApp Plus - Cellulari.it 20221022
WhatsApp Plus – Cellulari.it

In fact, it happens that through these two clients, which run on the Android operating system and are therefore available in the App Store, a Trojan-type virus is installed on the user’s official account. WhatsApp Which is often seen stealing sensitive information and unfortunately money too.

Triava is the Trojan that steals everything through WhatsApp

The Trojan virus we are talking about is called triva, Runs on Android operating system and is installed on the unfortunate user’s mobile phone through official WhatsApp account credentials.

Two clients carrying this trojan WhatsApp Plus e YoWhatsApp, “Parallel” applications that offer additional features that official WhatsApp does not have, but grant access to these features only after the user logs in with his official credentials.

YoWhatsApp - Cellulari.it 20221022
YoWhatsApp – Cellulari.it

When the user is logged in, the malicious Trojan Triava The unlucky one on duty brings the virus to the user’s device which can even be seen stealing access data to WhatsApp. With this system, hackers not only steal accounts and steal sensitive data, but also steal money (unknown, it must be said) by signing up for paid subscriptions.

To carry out analysis on this problem, brought to light by Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, A few researchers from the company were called Kaspersky: According to estimates, 3600 users have already been targeted in just two months since the catch was discovered.

Obviously the advice is to always and only use the official WhatsApp client, since the unofficial ones are not only that, but it is not recommended by the organization that owns and manages it, aka Meta, but above all because the official client is effectively some kind of malicious trojan or Prevents the entry of viruses that can steal sensitive user data or create paid subscriptions that the customer never requested.

Kaspersky Lab ZAO, better known as Kaspersky, is a Moscow-based Russian company founded in 1997 by Evgeny Kaspersky and specialized in developing software designed for computer security.


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