WhatsApp: If you enable this function, you can read deleted messages



WhatsApp not only allows you to send messages with text, audio and video content but also has multiple options to “hide” the content, make it visible for a short period of time or even delete it completely.

In fact, it may happen that you send a picture or a message and realize that you made a mistake recipient. At that time WhatsApp introduced the possibility to delete the message, only for your own chat or for all participants. At that point, however, others will see that the content has been deleted.

WhatsApp message deleted
WhatsApp Message Deleted (Photo Canva)

In many cases this solution does not work, especially those who have Automatic saving of photos and videos. In fact, in this case, even if you delete the message, you save the content directly to your profile. So the person can still see it.

How to recover deleted messages

But how many times have you accidentally deleted a chat or something? the mess con i message? All is not lost, in fact there is a practical and quick remedy to recover messages that have been mistakenly or intentionally deleted.

WhatsApp message deleted
Whatsapp Deleted Messages (Cellulari.it)

One of the most useful ways to do this is through apps what has been moved, That is, a system that allows you to actually go through folders of deleted files, so you no longer risk losing messages or being able to recover them even after they’ve been deleted. The system allows you to monitor all desired apps and folders. When messages are deleted, the application proceeds to send a notification directly to the phone, alerting that the content needs to be restored. Alternatively, it can be used for other file types as well.

Use what has been removed

The app can be used for this Android o iPhone And it allows you to scan the contents of all these folders and then group the items into a single folder with the deleted messages, so that they are not together with the ones that are still available. Sudden changes can be detected and a history can also be created based on the findings. Thanks to the algorithms, the operation is really perfect and allows you to get impeccable results.

WhatsApp messages
Whatsapp messages (Cellulari.it)

The application is completely free, easy to install and manage, allowing you to Recover deleted messages But deleted pictures. You can set different criteria to be able to see every detail according to your needs, so it is fully customizable. A real revolution to never lose WhatsApp content from your phone.


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