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As part of its integration, WhatsApp will continue to support a unique model integration with the multi-dispository service. Here are all the details

Proceed to the end of the day in the team of Sviluppatori WhatsApp per rendere piattaforma di messaggistica aggiornata e al passo coi tempi. The other states that their state landed in the first month of 2022, and this is not the only altruism that can be seen in the process.

whatsapp companion mode 20220508 cellulari.it
Get the latest version of WhatsApp on Facebook, the Companion mode for multi-device (Adobe Stock)

Stand up to how many references were made to WABetaInfo, the Zuckerberg stereotype of a labyrinth and a modalità companion per il multi-dispositive. In short, it is possible to collect a second device and register another WhatsApp account. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well as the most delusional.

WhatsApp is the latest model for multi-device

whatsapp companion mode 20220508 cellulari.it
It is possible to collect a second disposable account with another account, searching for the current one (screenshot WABetaInfo)

This treats a very new and very interesting new multi-device device. Secondly how much do you want to get on WABetaInfo, but in the future of WhatsApp you will be able to count on one modalità companion. In this case, the user will be able to access a second account with a different Whatsapp account. Evidently in the case of collegiate, if there are frequent discrepancies in the current configuration of the second telephone, but only in the case of an adult due to different profiles. messaging platform

Almano for the moment, not his trophies detached to the ground. We set up a function in the area of ​​Sviluppo and for the service of Ulteriori Sforzi. The most interesting thing is that, every second how much you confirm with WABetaInfo, with the modality companion it is possible to collaborate even on Android tablet. The brewer received the newsletter for the beta version of the app, your iOS is on Android. For this rollout to the global level, invincible, unsurprisingly attending any other set. Basically all the feedback from the tester, it seems to be able to do all the fun for the meglio or it will solve the bug. Not to be outdone is Zuckerberg’s new adventure.


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