WhatsApp: Mark Zuckerberg Announces New Security Features


In recent years, WhatsApp has been diligently expanded to include several privacy options. Be it “blue tick” or “last online” – some things can now be disabled in Messenger More data protection functions are to follow in an upcoming update.

WhatsApp should be loud Mark Zuckerberg Accordingly, the popular messenger will soon be around a few Security features Extended, where the focus is especially on users’ privacy. So far, the features are only part of the present Beta version. The website WABetainfo took a closer look at the beta and tested the app for new functions.

Photo: Mark Zuckerberg via Facebook

The company has already announced that in early July 2022 Online status visibility is revised. Users are always able to check if they are currently online by viewing shared chats. The update will enable hiding of online activity. Similar to the “last seen” indication, it is possible to determine who can see the current state. A distinction is made between “someone” and “my contacts”. The latter can be supplemented with some exceptions.

Self-delete message: Screenshot blocked

In the future, exit from one Group chat Also be a lot quieter. Only group administrators will be notified of exits. Of course, there is still the option of informing every member of the group about it. Reportedly, a message appears in the chat history for this purpose. Furthermore, the period for deleting messages has been extended. It is now 48 hours instead of about an hour as before.

Last summer, take a look Integrated, where messages were automatically deleted after a single viewing. Unfortunately, the use of this function has been limited until now, since a screenshot can be taken at any time. So far, the deadline hasn’t restricted it too much. Meta now wants to counter this and block screenshots and screen recordings of such content.


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