WhatsApp may allow you to save some invisible messages



(Pocket-Lint) – WhatsApp has had an invisible messaging system for years now, allowing you to set up specific chats to delete their messages after seven days if you are concerned about privacy or just want to avoid a growing archive.

Now, though, it can work in a way that allows you to mark certain messages in those chats, allowing you to place messages that contain the information you need to get ahead, for example.

This comes courtesy WABetaInfoThe latest beta version of WhatsApp has noticed the addition of a new “protected message” option under chat settings, which sets it apart.

It reveals a submenu, which suggests that you will be able to mark certain messages to keep, although we don’t know if there will be a limit to how many you can keep.

It will also be interesting to learn how this works in group chat, where you may need the permission of others to mark to keep messages.

Nonetheless, the concept of setting confirms that WhatsApp is looking to help retain their responsive messages, probably within a week or so. There is no timeline as to when it might hit the actual app, though so far.

Written by Max Freeman-Mills.


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