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The direction that WhatsApp has taken in recent months has been towards protecting users’ privacy We started with the introduction of ephemeral photos and videos, which are media that can be viewed or played a set number of times. Today, with the new beta, this aspect will be strengthened, with total blocking of screenshots of this type of content.

WhatsApp: privacy at the center in the new beta – 51022 www.computermagazine.it

On the one hand, we are working on making the app easier to use with new features in terms of UX and functionality – incl survey, soon introduced. On the other hand, the “Polar Star” which they have been following for several months to meet is now responding in the name of their protection. Confidentiality. Since its introduction Transient messagesThat may contain media (photos and videos). Displayed only onceThe novelty is that it will come to the stable version soon, and that Prevents screenshots of the latter.

Colleagues to confirm what has just been said WABetaInfo, always focused and cutting edge when it comes to news on WhatsApp. Beta is the number involved for soon Enrolled in the program on AndroidAnd who will introduce Blocking screenshots On shared photos and videos with single view option. If you try to take a screenshot of that content, a pop-up message “You cannot take screenshots for this Security policy

WhatsApp Blocks Screenshots: By eliminating any possibility of saving ephemeral content

The ability to bypass the lock using third-party apps is now available trimmed. The system will still take a screenshot, but next It will be completely dark, hiding its contents. You will not be able to record the screen using the Android function included with the operating system. So WhatsApp goes to put one Chain of Secrecy Users, hoping to fix a security issue that was, at least until now, the biggest flaw in the entire system.

Currently, it is not yet announced when this feature will be released in the permanent version of WhatsApp. as usual, Beta on Android will require a run-in lap – Usually not more than two months. So Abhishek can happen By the end of 2022 Or, at most, in the first month of 2023.

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