WhatsApp: Say goodbye forever to notifications, the novelty we all use



The world’s number one messaging, since its arrival, as well as the transition to Mark Zuckerberg’s extended family, is an innovation that has radically changed the world of communication, but above all everyday life.

There is no doubt about its power, nearly two billion users have downloaded it. But even the greatest innovation hides some downsides, representing the limitations of an app born to perform miracles.

Notifications on WhatsApp (Canva)
Notifications on WhatsApp (Canva)

i am WhatsApp notification sounds, for example, they can help you keep track of all your incoming messages so you don’t miss anything important And so far only applause. However, it becomes a huge distraction when, for work and a little for fun, you have many groups, maybe with hundreds of members, where you share everything and more.

Tricks to mute sounds and listen to messages through Siri

Furthermore, if you are in the library or in a meeting, that word may draw attention to you, perhaps with some insult attached and attached. Fortunately, there is a practical and effective remedy present within whatsapp, which not everyone knows.

Siri - Cellulari.it 20221018
Siri – Cellular.it

WhatsApp allows you to mute notifications so as not to disturb everyone else. There are several notifications for messages, groups and calls. You can easily deactivate or reactivate Audio Mobile, Desktop, Web and Windows But how?

Open your WhatsApp mobile app and go to the individual or group chat you want to disable, even if temporarily, tap and hold, then tap the Mute button, tap that bell icon with a dash, or tap to open the chat. Then another tap on the menu button with three dots, then turn off notifications.

There is also an option to select how long you want to turn off notifications, up to eight hours, days when you want to disconnect from your smartphone to enjoy real life, not inside your mobile. Make your choice. The mute icon will appear in individual or group chats, and you will no longer hear individual or group notification sounds.

Another WhatsApp secret trick: Open Settings, scroll to Accessibility, then choose Siri. Then turn on Read notifications from speaker and Turn on Read aloud notifications, scroll down until you find. WhatsApp. Activate it, and that’s it. From now on when you receive a notification on the world’s number one instant messenger, while the screen is locked, it will happen that you will be able to hear the message directly from Siri’s voice.

A single recommendation, pay attention to the messages you receive, you can create a barbine image.


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