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In the last few hours, WhatsApp has released an update for the web version of its platform. An annoying bug reported by several users has been fixed

WhatsApp It is still one of the most used messaging platforms in the world. Different versions for both mobile and computer and tablet. A point on which the Zuckerberg company is focusing a lot, especially thanks to the latest update implemented.

WhatsApp has released a new updated version of the desktop that fixes a bug reported by users (Adobe Stock).

But there is no shortage Problems, Immediately reported by users. This last particular concern Desktop version Applications that are apparently no longer sent Push notification When receiving a message or a call. Many users have complained about both Reddit and Twitter, asking developers to fix the problem.

WhatsApp desktop, missing push notification bug fixed 8

WhatsApp Bug 20220529 cellulari.it
What has been reported is that push notifications are no longer sent for messages or calls (Adobe Stock)

A very annoying problem, which did not allow users to access Push notification Whenever a message or a call has been received. This is where the developers WhatsApp Lato Desktop, To launch an updated version of the bug as soon as possible. Finally, it has arrived in the last few hours. This is the hall Version 2.2219.2 In the specific version of the platform, finally in the global rollout. For beta developers, however, a few days ago, everything was released in a volatile version of it.

So if you notice the same problem from your computer, the advice is to proceed as soon as possible Download the update. Even if you notice that there are no warnings after completing the installation, a possible solution is to switch to beta and see if it is resolved. Again, the Zuckerberg Giant has shown that it constantly listens to feedback from its users to resolve any issues. In parallel, the team continues to work To introduce new additional features To make the whole experience more convenient for the needs of the consumers.

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