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Now you can change the language of Meta Group IM app. Here’s how in a few, very simple steps.

WhatsApp now lets you change the language – 29822 www.computermagazine.it

There are apps that are used more or less, but they are meta They still remain the undisputed queens of the smartphone landscape. Moving from Facebook to Instagram, Messenger WhatsApp. The latter is, to date, the first in class in the IM category, i.e. apps or services that allow you to instantly message your contacts. And, precisely from WhatsApp, there is daily news in terms of usage and improvements in terms of user experience.

This time we focused on the language inside the application. Novelty, as always, Comes directly from beta. The version is dedicated to those who want to try a super preview of everything the developers will release in the stable version in the next few months from now. And, as always, our colleagues WABetaInfowho shared a screenshot featuring the ability to select languages ​​within the app

How the new language selection menu works

WhatsApp now lets you change the language - 29822 www.computermagazine.it
WhatsApp now lets you change the language – 29822 www.computermagazine.it

At least until today, the language of the app was the same It is linked to the system it was installed on. So if your smartphone has Italian language set, there will be no way to change it in WhatsApp. The same goes for English, Spanish and so on. The update, from now on, will allow you to Customize the app’s language regardless of the one set on your operating system Inside the smartphone.

You can, for example, set the language english Despite having a smartphone, be it Android or iOS, set up on WhatsApp italian. The screenshot below shows the language selection menu, where you can choose the one used by the application. To do this, simply go to the settings and select the dedicated item. The innovation, as mentioned, is being delivered with the latest beta of IM’s app And, in a few weeks, it should arrive in the stable version.

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