WhatsApp: There is a way to silence only certain contacts, a practice that everyone is adopting



WhatsApp has been something magical since its inception, love at first sight. irresistible Kind of like notifications. But like all things, even technology, when they are used they lead you to the stars, when you abuse them.

The world’s number one instant messaging has virtually changed people’s lives both professionally and personally But very lame, just like a wonderful tool notifications become annoying.

WhatsApp (Photo Canva)
WhatsApp (Photo Canva)

Of course, you never uninstall WhatsApp For this reason. An alternative might be to turn off Wi-Fi, to avoid all that noise (even silent does the same), but that will also turn off notifications from all other apps. So how do you stop receiving WhatsApp messages without turning off Wi-Fi? The answer is to close WhatsApp completely.

Unlike other chat apps that offer a logout button, WhatsApp does not provide one. You can delete your account or disable data connection for WhatsApp app However, these are not always viable options. Alternatively, you can keep WhatsApp in silent mode.

A method on Android and iPhone

To disable all WhatsApp notifications on Android, you must start from Settings, here Apps & Notifications / Installing Apps / Apps. Select “AAll apps”, search for WhatsApp, then tap Tap Notifications here. Turn off the switch next to Show notifications. On some phones, you need to uncheck the box next to Allow notifications For smartphones with a built-in green robot running Android 7.1 Nougat or later, touch and hold the WhatsApp icon on the home screen or app drawer to view app shortcuts. Select App Info from the menu. You will be taken directly to the app settings WhatsApp. Tap Notifications Then just follow the previous path.

iPhone - Cellulari.it 20221111
iPhone – Cellulari.it

Section iPhone. Even on Melafonino you have to start by tapping Settings, then scroll down to WhatsApp. Then Notifications, then turn off the switch next to Allow notifications. Alternatively, there is another path by going to Settings > Notifications > WhatsApp. Allow notifications to be disabled.

If you turn off notifications, you will no longer be bothered by messages. Even if the message is available when you open WhatsApp, you won’t get any notification. Applies to individual chats, groups and calls. should be opened WhatsApp To manually check for new messages. Notifications will not appear in the notification panel.

The notification badge will also not appear on the WhatsApp icon. If you don’t open the app, it will show no notifications WhatsApp. Just a piece of advice, remember to keep everything as before, because basically we love WhatsApp.


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