WhatsApp: There’s going to be a response to any emoji, Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed


The turning point for WhatsApp is now near the corner, and Mark Zuckerberg himself, the father of the meter, took to the field to make sure of it, followed by Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

WhatsApp: Full response – 120722 www.computermagazine.it

The response to the messages, first launched a few months ago Android Ed iOS, May soon go through further evolution. Well, as announced by the same MetaIn the shoes of his patron Mark ZuckerbergIt will be possible now Use any emoji to respond to messages The most famous and used IM app in the world. Innovation, currently in distribution, should reach all users in the next few days – over 1 billion – from now on.

WhatsApp: Here are all the emojis in response - 120722 www.computermagazine.it
WhatsApp: Here are all the emojis in response – 120722 www.computermagazine.it

The press release shared by the company leaves no room for doubt: it will be possible to choose the most suitable emoji for responding to any WhatsApp message. When writing you can only choose a few smileys, especially you. A limitation that will come soon Floated, Just like that, thus giving more preference to one-on-one or group conversations. In short, a real turning point that, finally, Brings WhatsApp like TelegramAt least in this particular case.

WhatsApp: All emoji as a possible response to messages, it’s official

So we’ll go beyond just 6 smiles / responses that present a range of possibilities for interaction with Meta’s popular instant messaging service today. In fact, already in June, especially in the beta version of the app, it was possible to expand the number of emojis in response to app messages. Today, this feature has been loudly requested by users, Eventually the app will be available on public channels And will be released through the client in both iOS and Android cases.

For now, there’s nothing to do with desktop versions of WhatsApp – so Mac operating system e Windows. There is a strong possibility that these versions, in this case dedicated to computers, will have to wait a little longer before seeing the full responses to the chat. It will probably be possible to see them, but it is not certain that they can be actively exploited during a conversation. We’re in the window for news, let us know if you’ve already received this important update.

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