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Validation of a feature-rich 2022, world’s number one instant messaging application. Yet the specter of the dark web haunts WhatsApp and, more specifically, the sale of millions of accounts to Italian users, a problem that grips everyone unaware.

Twenty million telephone numbers and WhatsApp accounts of Italian users sold on underground forums (Infringement Forum) is Concerned Data Red Hot Cyber, a well-known cyber security, cyber crime, hack and news portal, with forums. Cyber ​​Security

WhatsApp scam

As if that huge number weren’t enough, this wouldn’t be an isolated incident: many cybercriminals sell such information, commonly used for telephone scams, phishing and other forms of fraud.

A package for sale of 500 thousand euros

The discovery of Red Hot Cyber Starting with a post on the dark web where a million users in the Philippines were sold at risk. In practice, a Pandora’s box was opened: the researchers contacted one of the sellers to find out if there was an Italian account. Yes exactly. Unfortunately. Almost the entire WhatsApp user base in our country, fifty million numbers were available. Twenty million of these were associated with their respective names. The price of the whole package is 500 thousand euros.

There are many ways to steal a WhatsApp account, including a phone number and who knows what other personal data. The most common is impersonation fraud: a scammer obtains a famous person’s name and profile picture and uses it to defraud their subordinates.

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Dark Web – Cellulari.it

A large number of applications are sold on the dark web that give you access to a target victim’s contact or friends list. Classic phishing operation: Most victims transfer money without looking at very detailed information, assuming that their boss, loved one or friend is in a difficult situation and it’s time to support them.

WhatsApp Use two-factor authentication. But many don’t ask for this double verification, so cybercriminals log into your account to hijack your verification code. Advice is to never share your code to ensure your account is safe. In most verification scams, the identified WhatsApp number is used for future scams or to defame the victims.

no one WhatsApp Gold (It’s a Scam), beware of illusory coupons, ephemeral and counter-productive. There is a threshold of attention to things that is kept too high for everything else. By carefully monitoring every incoming text message, not sharing your sensitive data (PIN and various codes) and thinking about it, many traps can be avoided.

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