When you order a MacBook Pro and actually get some cans of dog food



The victim is a 61-year-old English man, who suffers from a rare medical condition, and saw how Amazon’s customer service department did not resolve his case.

When you order a MacBook Pro and actually get some cans of dog food
Pictures of the new MacBook Pro

This isn’t the first time that Amazon has made a serious mistake with some of its products, but the news we bring you cries to heaven. And I’m not the only one, because Reported on 91Mobile In general, e-commerce platforms are Sending the wrong item to your customers.

Not only that, according to the same source, a customer from the United Kingdom Got dog food instead of MacBook Pro. Alan Wood, the victim, paid £1,200 sterling for this article. The computer that was supposed to arrive was a gift for his daughter, but instead he got two boxes of dog food.

A serious error that was not handled properly

Once the man saw what had arrived, he contacted Amazon to make a claim. Primarily the platform Refused to give any helpBut they eventually relented and gave Wood a full refund.

The story takes a turn for the worse when we learn that Alan Wood has a rare medical condition. Known as Stone Man Syndrome This disease, in short, slowly turns the connective tissue and muscles of the human body into bone.

When you order a MacBook Pro and actually get some cans of dog food

These are dog food cans that come in wood instead of MacBook Pros

Wood, was a retired former IT manager Amazon customer for two decades without incident. It’s easy to imagine the look on his face when he saw what came instead of a computer that cost over a thousand euros, it’s not something you expect when you pay so much for a product.

At first the victim thought it might be Bugs that will be easily fixed, after talking to Amazon customer service. After the first telephone conversation, they told him from the platform that they could not help him. Later, after sending back the dog food, he asked for the computer, which he had not received, to be returned There was no apparent solution.

According to what was revealed by Alan Wood, he was “Over 15 hours on the phone“With managers from different departments, who passed the ball to each other. According to the victim, every conversation ended the same way and they refused to listen to her demands.

However, when an Amazon spokesperson asked about the source, he clarified that they were in direct contact with him and All money will be refunded to the client. As for Alan Wood, he says the situation has been “extremely stressful” for him due to his health condition and he will never shop at Amazon again.


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