Where to find Beskar steel ‘where the earth touches the sky’ in Fortnite



Fortnite’s Mandalorian challenges are your ticket to a shiny new set of Beskar armor for good ol’ Din Djarin as part of season 5’s battle pass. One of the main Beskar quests is to find, what else, some Beskar steel “where the earth touches the sky.”

Sounds cryptic, right? Not at all with our guide, which shows you exactly where to find Beskar steel. If you’re looking for the other Beskar steel quest, click here.

Where the earth touches the sky: Beskar steel location

where the earth touches the sky beskar steel

(Image credit: Epic Games)

You’re looking for the tallest mountain on the Fortnite map, formerly referred to as K8 before Epic decided to get rid of the map’s coordinate grid. You’ll need to find a large orange flag there surrounded by a couple of crates. The Beskar steel should be sitting in that mess.


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