Which episodes from Game of Thrones to watch before you start with House of the Dragon


For a short while everyone was excited about their arrival House of the Dragon inside HBO MaxMain Entrance being a prequel game of thrones. And while there is still a large audience that already knows the background, there are some who feel they can enter the franchise from this story to get to the supposed sequel.

The episodes that must be watched yes or yes before watching the new series are 1st of the first seasonwhose name bears winter is coming. Because here they present us with something of a world to explore, as well as some important characters and, of course, a bit of history of the franchise’s most important family.

Historical facts that inspired Game of Thrones - III

This is followed by Episode 6 of the first seasonWhere you learn how cruel they can be Targaryen, traditions that are more serious before the main story. There is also First Season Episode 9Where they show the differences inherited from our thrones, but fortunately events become more independent.

For his part, in Season Seven Episode 7They indicate to us that Jon Snow comes down from Rhaegar Targaryen, so it will be important to know his attitude during this prequel. It will be nice to finally see Season 4 Episode 7With great battles with dragons, which will definitely not be missing in this new show.

Note that it is already available HBO Max.


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