Who are the hackers known as Los Guacamaya?


Recently a group of hackers has been reported macaws, Conducted an attack in which they stole a lot of information Secretary of National Defence. But all of them have been carried out in recent times, given that they announced at the time that the president Mexico She was sick.

Hacker groups define themselves as an entity that goes against the colonialist state and against the model established in the countries they colonized. They are a group against “North American imperialism”, with the military and political interference of the United States, with the neo-colonialism of extractivist companies, hacking what they want.

Hackers have leaked more than 350 GB of emails from the Chilean Armed Forces

Here are his own words:

Our work will be to protect the territory, water, forest, sea. It is within this so-called independence and on a so-called path to freedom and democracy, that the armed forces are created under a political constitution.

The group was not limited to hacking MexicoGiven that they have invaded other countries as well chile, where they released many documents including official information that had not been shown publicly. They even call the whole Latin America as Abya yalaAll areas that are obviously not related to it America of America.

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