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Since its launch, its community Microsoft Flight Simulator Endless mechanics and new aircraft requests for this simulator. While most of these wishes were granted over the months, the helicopters were the most requested from fans. Fortunately, this has finally come to fruition with the 40th Anniversary Update that arrived a few days ago. nevertheless, It wasn’t an easy process, Asobo Studio’s CEO told us.

We recently had the opportunity to interview Sebastian Loach, CEO of Asobo Studios, who told us all about Challenges the team faced while implementing helicopters in the game, as it is not as simple a process as one might think. This is what he commented:

“We had a clear idea of ​​what to do, I think last year I announced the plan in a question and answer session and we had a clear idea. To be honest, when we released Microsoft Flight Simulator, we didn’t have time to include helicopters, so we spent six months researching and learning.

Later, we found out that in fixed-wing aircraft, it’s all about stability. When you fly, not much changes. With helicopters, especially older ones, things change very quickly, and they experience different aerodynamics at different altitudes. Helicopters, most of the time, have turbulence everywhere.

So we realized last summer that we needed a turbulence simulation, which we combined with our fixed aircraft simulation, to work together.

It is a unique experience. The fact that you can stop and fly anywhere. With an airplane you are on a trajectory, with a helicopter you can do whatever you want. It’s a different experience, just talking about control. I personally love flying helicopters, it’s something unique.”

The helicopters are unique, and have new controls, as well as aerodynamic mechanics that all lovers of the series should take into account. Thus, It was clear that the wait was worth it. On a related topic, you can learn more about what’s new in this update here Likewise, it’s our Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary hands-on.


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