Why use airplane mode on your mobile even if you are not going on a plane


We explain all the benefits of activating airplane mode on your mobile, some of which, surely, you don’t know.

Our Android mobile has many functions, some of which are: We don’t take full advantage of what they offer us. One of these features is Airplane Mode, a tool that allows you to Turn off all phone network connections while traveling by planeBut it can really come in handy when you’re not on a plane.

For this reason, we are going to explain Why use airplane mode on your mobile even if you are not going on a plane.

Avion mode

Discover all the benefits of activating Airplane Mode on your mobile when you’re not on the plane

All these benefits of using airplane mode on your mobile when you are not travelling

Airplane mode is a function of your smartphone that you only use when traveling by plane, but, surely you don’t know it All the benefits of using this functionality when you’re on dry land.

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Five Major Benefits of Using Airplane Mode on Your Mobile When you are not travelling, the following are:

  • save battery
  • Fix mobile data issues
  • Play games without ads
  • Charge your mobile fast
  • Access WhatsApp anonymously

save battery

One of the main advantages of activating airplane mode when you are not traveling is that you will be able to save your mobile battery when you are not using it, since By disabling all mobile connections, energy consumption will be much lower. This is practical when your battery is low, because you can disconnect all antennas of the mobile and reactivate them temporarily. Check if you have any important calls or messages that need to be answered.

Fix mobile data issues

On some occasions, mobile data may stop working, something that is really annoying, but we will be able to fix it with a series of simple solutions, including Turn on airplane mode.

This way, if your mobile has a coverage issue due to which you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network and you enable and disable airplane mode, all connections will resume and mobile data will work properly again. , in most cases less.

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Activating Airplane Mode will allow you to charge your mobile faster

Play games without ads

Another benefit of enabling Airplane Mode when you’re not on a plane is that it allows you to play certain games without ads, as many of them are. They only use the network connection to activate ads And if you turn on airplane mode and disable network access, you’ll be able to play these titles more comfortably, since No ads will be displayed.

Charge your mobile fast

Activating airplane mode on your mobile will allow you when you are not in flight Reduce loading time, because when disconnecting the components that consume energy, the charge will be completed earlier. This is very useful when you are away from home and your battery is low, because you activate the airplane mode by charging the terminal Cut charging time by almost halfEven if your smartphone doesn’t have fast charging.

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Access WhatsApp anonymously

Finally, the last benefit of using airplane mode is that you can access WhatsApp anonymously when you’re not on the plane. This means you can Read your pending messages in messaging apps without anyone knowing you did itBecause this information will not be sent to the server unless you disable airplane mode.

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