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With that in mind, we all waited two years for Manga to return Chainsaw Man, no one expected the first big break to happen so soon. However, and as you probably already realized, last Tuesday we did not have a new chapter in this story, in an unexpected way. now, Tatsuki Fujimoto, the man in charge of the manga, revealed the reason for the delay.

Through a program in Japan, Fujimoto mentioned that the show’s delay is because the mangaka is working on giving us something special in the next chapter, which will arrive on Manga Plus on August 16. This is what he commented:

“I’m taking a week off because I want to color pages and draw covers.

I take a week off when I need to increase the pagination of a chapter or draw the cover of a volume.

I will try my best”.

Along with this, Fujimoto noted that he would take a break whenever the story needed an extra page, or While some covers for manga volumes need your attention. Considering that this is something normal for all mangaka, these interruptions probably won’t happen often. On a related note, you can watch the new manga trailer here Chainsaw Man.


Editor’s note:

The problem isn’t that mangakas take breaks, that’s normal. However, many of us were surprised by the absence of a new chapter, since there was no previous information, and considering that the series had just returned, we all thought that at least the first arc would be delay-free.

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