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A few days after the Xiaomi 12S Ultra launch, we explain why Xiaomi’s next new top-of-the-range smartphone can bring a breath of fresh air to the mobile sector.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra It will be the smartphone that will come closest to the professional camera. Reliable Ice Universe The words spoken just a few weeks ago have actually proven to be accurate. At least in theory. As we have been able to make a certain Previous articleXiaomi’s next top-of-the-range smartphone – will be called Xiaomi 12S UltraAnd not instead Xiaomi 12 Ultra – Will be able to display in a one-inch sensor, a record size for the mobile section.

Current Xiaomi 12 Pro (screenshot Mi.com)

Device, the result of a co-engineering work with a specialist Leica, Will usher in a new era in the smartphone industry. Thanks to all the sensors Sony IMX989, The most advanced hardware component produced by the Japanese giant, also the result of a coordinated (and unprecedented) work between Sony and Xiaomi in this case. His business card was soon called: One inch size This will capture more light and allow for better dynamic range as well as faster focusing speed.

Shaomi He is the latest to shake hands with a company that specializes in photography. LeicaFor his part, after finishing a collaborative relationship (more than profitable, data in hand or rather shot in hand), he is experimenting with a new way to get back into the smartphone sector. Huawei. For some time there has been a steady rise in mobile segment partnerships: Sony, Nokia and Vivo Collaboration with Zeiss, when OnePlus e Oppo They like to go to Hasselblad.

These partnerships have often been the result of mere marketing measures, but this may not be the case with Xiaomi. According to Twitter user Karthike Singh, Xiaomi 12S Ultra Gifts will be given SUMMICRON optical lens Professional level from Leica. As a result, it seems reasonable to expect an 8P cover on both sides with very low reflection applied to all the rear cameras of the smartphone. What does all this mean? Basically, this should be involved Razor sharp picture In any lighting situation.

All these materials have to do Xiaomi 12S Ultra A smartphone capable of capturing a lot of light and applying a much more consistent bokeh effect than the landscape of the current smartphone, influenced by the software mode presented by the “Portrait” and “Cinema” options.

The Xiaomi 12S Ultra will not only display the Sony IMX989 sensor

If photography is the highlight of the smartphone, similarly we should not overlook the importance of some hardware components, e.g. Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+ Combined by Qualcomm’s chip Serge G1 Customized by Xiaomi to improve autonomy. And speaking of batteries, the Chinese manufacturer will have the usual super fast charging, which will be fitted with a new heat dissipation system with a “biometric design”, similar to plant leaves, 100% higher in performance than traditional smartphones. Cool

It must be said Xiaomi 12S Ultra This will mark a new era for smartphones, but it will not be the only one. In fact, the Sony IMX989 sensor will not be exclusive to Xiaomi, but other Chinese manufacturers will also accept it. And the latter will benefit first Honor Magic 5 Ultimate.

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