Why you should consider years of updated support offered by a company



Whenever you go to buy, check how many years of updates the manufacturer supports.

Why you should consider years of updated support offered by a company

Whenever we want to buy a new smartphone, we look for offers on the terminal, gift items, its camera or screen, market trends…

Why you should consider years of updated support offered by a company

Pixels are some of the best mobiles from Google when it comes to update support

But, how many times have we stopped to think about support for device updates? An updated company can guarantee long-term satisfaction considering the number of years we offer.. We explain why.

Combating planned obsolescence

Being a manufacturer, one of the biggest sources of income is, of course, terminal sales. In terms of cost, the biggest one is usually update support. Having a team of developers is not at all cheap to maintain the system, but at the same time it is essential for the end user.

We always need some system optimization And, of course, fix security issues as well as some bugs For this reason, companies like Samsung extend the update support years to 4 years to provide more support.

It’s also true that Android supports security updates for more years on older versions, but after a few years it’s up to the manufacturer to update their terminals or not. Once they finish that support cycle, we must proceed with caution.

Why should we consider the years of support a company offers?

This is the question posed in the title of this article. Why should we buy a terminal that is sometimes more expensive if it gives me more years of updates?. The answer is very simple; If we want the phone to last us as many years as possible, we must invest in a terminal that offers this benefit.

Community, sometimes overlooked but important when it comes to updates

A good brand, well-liked by the community and one in which they offer a lot of update support is usually synonymous with a community focused on updates. Companies like Google or Xiaomi or even OnePlus They are very familiar.

The community tends to focus on developing continuous ROMs and updates, so if you’re at the end of the update cycle and want to keep the phone for a few years, You can install a ROM made by the community And it continues to extend the useful life of the terminal by several more years.

Time, including smartphones, ages us all

Over time, terminals start to slow down. applicationwhich worked like silk, Includes enhancements that increase the version of the operating system or require more powerful hardware.

Apart from this, the load of files and the number of applications on the system (usually constantly increasing) slows down our phones.

If we have a longer lifecycle for software updates, we’ll help make our terminals even better.

In short, if we want our terminal to last for more years, Must take into account how many years of update support we have. Even if we pay a little more for a mid-range or high-end terminal, we can be sure that this device will stay with us for a long time and incidentally, we help our portfolio and the planet to decide.

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