Why you shouldn’t carry your phone on one of these bike mounts


They are not visible to the naked eye, but damage to your mobile phone while carrying it on a bike or motorcycle holder can be very serious.

Mobile support is a very useful accessory for bicycles, motorcycles and electric scooters, as it allows us to view smartphone content while driving these transport vehicles. nevertheless, Using this support can be very harmful for your mobile phoneCause it happens in a very complicated way Damage that you cannot see with the naked eye.

That’s what BillMillerBBQ, a Reddit user who experienced the consequences of using a mobile phone on a motorcycle mount, said. As a Reddit thread explainsCar can move due to mobile vibration Affects the terminal cameraspecific To focus on it. He wasn’t the only one to comment on this situation, so it’s for the best Be very careful if you use one of those stands.

The mobile camera is mainly damaged

Mobile in bicycle holder

Carrying your mobile on a bike mount can be very dangerous.

Using mobile support for vehicles like bikes can be very useful, we know, but There is a downside That you should remember. It is true that the smartphone is well connected, especially if the support is quality, but nevertheless the terminal is damaged Big vibration when you go over uneven groundBy some speed bumps or you run into some unexpected potholes.

As user BillMillerBBQ comments, he’s used his Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G on a motorcycle mount for some time. This resulted in The small servos of the terminal camera have been removed And stopped doing their job properly. What do these camera components work for? we will be Basically to focusSo the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s five lenses stop focusing, practically useless.

Using a mobile in one of these supports can seriously affect your mobile’s cameras.

Users aren’t the only ones to explain similar experiences in the Reddit thread. Another user named “Leagirl” commented that something similar happened to her while using her Google Pixel 6 Pro On the bike rackSomething clearly moved in the camera system and caused this It doesn’t work normally.

It is also dangerous to use a mobile in support of such vehicles as it affects the optical image stabilizer. We don’t just rely on user feedback, however Apple itself explains what on its website. The company warns that carrying a mobile phone on a motorcycle generates a lot of power or volume Vibrations from the vehicle are transmitted to the device Through the chassis and handlebars.

According to Apple, this can cause large vibrations Massive loss of autofocus and optical stabilization systems of the iPhone, something that can be applied to the rest of the mobile phones with these technologies. Direct exposure to these vibrations for long periods directly affects its performance, which will occur The camera captures poor quality images and videos.

Mobile phone holder for bicycle

On one of these supports the mobile is not as secure as it seems.

Apple strongly recommends that you do not carry your mobile phone in a motorcycle mount, something that we can apply to the bike if you use it to create routes on uneven terrain such as roads or mountains. as Low powered vehiclesLike electric scooters, the company recommends Do not use the smartphone there for a long time.

For specific moments, both Apple and Reddit users recommend Use a device that is responsible for damping vibrations well, so servos and stabilizers will not be damaged as much. However, unless it is something very necessary, The main recommendation is that you avoid carrying your mobile on support For bikes, motorcycles, scooters or similar vehicles if you want the terminal’s cameras to work normally.

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