Will Brendan Fraser be willing to record The Mummy 4?



the mummy

It was clearly one of the best action sagas in cinema the mummyThere were three films in which the actor acted Brendan Fraser, who simultaneously came out of his comedy stage to become a big screen hero. After some time, a restart was attempted Tom CruiseThe same did not end up convincing the fans.

He said these things in an interview given to the media diversity, Fraser He commented that he would like to return for the franchise, as he does not forget the moments in which he recorded the original trilogy. He admits he doesn’t know how it’s going to work, but he’s open to anyone coming up with a new script, and if it’s approved by the right people, he’ll come back.

when public rerun the mummy inside 2017, Fraser Not invited to the meeting. Instead, Tom Cruise The consequences of touching such a beloved franchise had to be dealt with. Well, although he is an actor who carries his own career, he fails to connect with people FraserHence plans for a sequel were shelved.

Here is the statement Fraser:

Making a movie is difficult. The element we had for our mummy, which I hadn’t seen in that movie, was the fun element. That’s what was missing in Avatar. It was like a straight horror movie. ‘The Mummy’ should be an exciting ride, but not scary or hair-raising.

for now, public Refunds not confirmed.

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