Will PSVR games work with PSVR2?


Its fans play station Increasingly excited about VR2, a device that will be an evolution of the accessory launched last generation, offering a decent catalog of titles. However, there wasn’t much good news for most enthusiasts today, as it seems backwards compatibility will be non-existent.

via its new official podcast play stationAnnouncers commented on first impressions of the next virtual reality device during the program PS5. Among the most relevant information, it is said that last generation games are not going to be compatible, so users must keep them PS4Games and Spectators.

The games that stand out the most at launch for the device are: The call of the mountain horizon, which will see the return to an adventure in a world full of wild machines. And this too Star Wars Tales from the Galaxy’s EdgeFranchise title that is more of an improvement than its release Oculus Quest With improved graphics and better gameplay.

Release date for PSVR2 It’s not quite confirmed yet, only that it will be at the beginning of the year 2023but play station Promise that there will be more progress coming soon. Fans of the brand are pinning their hopes on some new event, be that as it may State of playone exhibitionWhich is powerful in terms of advertising.

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