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According to what has emerged in recent days, Samsung could take advantage of innovative technology to reduce the cost of folding its future.

Market for Smartphone PigeonVoli Continues to grow. The numbers confirm that more and more users are determined to switch to this type of device. Comfort is obvious, especially for those who need a wide screen (whether for work or leisure). In this sense, it is undoubtedly the leading company in this sector Samsung.

Future Samsung leaflets could use a useful technology to reduce costs and production time (Adobe stock)

To prevent its specific explosion Foldable There are – among other things – rather high market costs. But something may change soon. According to what has emerged, in fact, Samsung will be considered Use an alternative technology And which can lead to a general reduction in prices.

Samsung begins the first test, foldable with ink-jet technology

samsung pieghevoli 20220627 cellulari.it
Thanks to a special ink-jet technology, the benefits will be clear and instantaneous. The first tests to understand the possibility of a large-scale operation will begin soon (Unsplas)

Thanks for using Ink-jet technologyFold Samsung Cheap in the future and can be accessible in everyone’s pocket. To reach a satisfactory result, engineers should re-evaluate how Fixing OLED panel On the top layer of glass. A Transparent OCA tape (Optically clear glue). Both the properties of the material and the necessary processing are an extremely expensive technique.

Called a new mode test OCR (Optically clear resin), which works a thank you Transparent adhesive liquid. It will be sprayed on the OLED panel and then combined with the glass layer with the help of ink-jet technology. At the moment, tests have started which could be big news if they give positive results For both cost and production period. The South Korean company has already ordered all the necessary equipment so that it can be tested on a large scale. However, there is no specific information on the potential entry into production of the strategy, which could become a reality in the coming months.

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