Will the next James Bond movie reboot?




As you already know, Daniel Craig He bid farewell to his character James Bond In the latest cinematic installment, because now the fate of the franchise may seem uncertain to some fans. And now they are looking for a new actor, they have announced what is going to follow and if it will be the same plot line that will remain.

Thus it is mentioned that the next installment 007 It will completely revamp the series. According to the producer Barbara Brockley, The 26th movie will start afresh with He K james bond, But they are yet to find an actor to take on the role.

Here is his comment:

No one is in competition. We are talking about where to go with him. There’s no script, and we can’t think of one until we decide how we’re going to approach the next movie because it’s really a reinvention of Bond. We are rediscovering who He is and that takes time. I would say at least two years left for the film.

Comment on Broccoli A fellowship dinner takes place during The BFI of which he and Michael G. Wilson They were respected. The couple received their scholarship from the series regular Ralph Fiennes y Naomi Harris And the latter couldn’t help but joke that he was available and ready for new training 007.

Here is his comment:

you killed bond. naomi And I’m the man to fix it. Find him and we will train him.

series for now James bond It will take some time to come back.

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