Will there be a new Paranormal Activity movie in 2023?


The next film is being claimed recently physical activity can be thrown 2023As the important media of this industry have commented diversity. And it’s like that page IMDb The cards are listed where they identify the upcoming revelations of the saga within the number 8, which may soon be contradicted.

In view of this, the creator of the franchise ore game He points out that these cards are completely false, stating that the eighth part is not being done by his studio. So the part was scrapped, though he never mentioned that a new production wasn’t coming 2023After its premiere Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin inside Paramount Plus.

Here is his statement:

Paranormal Activity fans: Stories are coming out about a sequel in the works. They are listed on IMDB as Paranormal Activity 8, New Edition, etc.

These are not real sequels. We have nothing to do with them and we don’t know these people who claim to be making these movies.

The film reboot of the series followed what was seen on the streaming platform, but now the direction of the series is somewhat uncertain for fans who enjoy these horror productions. In this kind of movie related news, its latest trailer Halloween KillsHere we leave you link Directly on the note.

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