Will Tweetdeck be hidden behind a paywall?



(Pocket-lint) – Twitter’s been rumoured as looking hard into the possibility of a subscription model for its services for a good while now, in what can at times look like a pretty desperate attempt to generate some more actual revenue. 

The ad money Twitter makes simply isn’t enough for it to really rely on, so getting users to pay for some slice of its services is a bit of a no brainer. Choosing exactly what to charge for, though, is far from being so simple. 

Now a report from Bloomberg has added yet more fuel to the fire, reporting that Tweetdeck, a slice of functionality that makes it easier to stay on top of Twitter from a professional point of view, might be the prime candidate for a re-do.

The Tweetdeck dashboard is something that could therefore get locked behind a subscription, reportedly, although there doesn’t appear to be any super immediate plan on this front. 

That said, in January one of Twitter’s product leads indicated that something’s in the pipeline for Tweetdeck, so it might not be a super long-term development. 

Another option entirely that Twitter has apparently explored is the patronage-like “tipping” option, which would let users give regularly to accounts they value, with Twitter skimming a little from each donation. 

That’s a bit more of a departure from how the platform has worked until now, of course, but it makes it clear that all bets are off in relative terms for Twitter – it’ll consider all options. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.


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