With 2,300 watts of power: the Anker Powerhouse 767 is available for pre-order


If Anker’s previous power stations were not enough for you, a new and very powerful top model is now waiting for you. Because with up to 2,300 watts of power and over 2,000 watt hours of power, you should have plenty of power on the go, and you can even charge the Anker Powerhouse 767 with up to 1,000 watts of solar power.

At IFA 2018, Anker introduced its first large-format power bank, the Powerhouse Mini. After about four years, the power stations have picked up speed After that with April Powerhouse 521 A new model with 256 watt hours was launched, followed shortly after Powerhouse 555 A more powerful variant with over 1,000 watt hours. And while we are currently testing this variant in our editorial office, Anker is coming up with it Powerhouse 767 now The ultimate flagship In the market portfolio.

The power station with rollers was shown for the first time at the end of September, however From 5 December Smart charging stations are finally becoming one RRP 2,699 euros Available – for example on Amazon. However, the PowerHouse 767 can already be pre-ordered on the Anker website. Anyone who registers on the website by December 4th will receive one 500 euro voucher And can get big size power bank Safe for 2,199 euros. But what is on board at this price?

Full power and decent performance!

one with 2,048 watt hour capacity The Anker PowerHouse 767 is the new top model in the Power Station line-up. For this purpose, Anker relies on modern lithium iron phosphate cells (LiFePO4), which can achieve up to 3,000 charging cycles without any noticeable loss in performance and capacity. However, if that’s not enough, you can order an optional extra battery and double the power – 4,096 watt hours.

Anchor own GaNPrime technology Ensures continuous temperature monitoring and smart load distribution to be able to keep efficiency as high as possible (we are talking about 96 percent here). Stand for power output Various connections Available, here’s an overview:

  • 3x USB-C 100W
  • 2x USB-A 12W
  • 2x car connections with 120 watts each
  • 3x EU power plugs with a total output of 2,300 watts

There are two ways to recharge the Anker PowerHouse 767: the included power plug (duration: about 60 minutes) or Optionally with solar panels. For example Anker with 531 solar panels, which can achieve power up to 200 watts, and power station with four other panels. Charge up to 1,000 watts able to do. According to Anker, the 2,048 Wh will fully recharge in just 2.5 hours under optimal conditions.

30 kilograms: Pulled like a suitcase

But with this power comes power plants A good 30.5 kilograms On the scales, “you just don’t wear it like this”. Therefore, in addition to one carrying handle, there are two 4.7 inch outdoor wheels And an extendable telescopic handle to pull the Anker PowerHouse 767 behind you like a suitcase.

Photo: Anchor

However: If you’re interested in a combination of solar panels, you can save even more by pre-ordering. The package will include the Powerhouse 767 and two 200 watt solar panels For 3,199 euros Offered – so you can save 500 euros here too.

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