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Among the many innovations expected with the advent of iOS 16, there is also a feature to pay for fuel directly using CarPlay. Here is the whole procedure to follow to complete the operation

Awaiting release iOS 16, A new updated version of Apple’s operating system that will probably see the light of day in September. All together with the flagship presentation keynote IPhone 14. Several news have already been announced in the last few weeks, while many others have been chatting for some time.

Thanks to CarPlay, with iOS 16 it will be possible to pay for fuel directly from your car (Adobe Stock)

According to Reuters, there is a very interesting issue that will be worrying Carplay. This will be possible at certain service stations Pay for fuel Directly from the Apple Infotainment system. For the absolute convenience and speed of operation.

Pay for fuel with CarPlay, here are all the details

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Download one of the apps provided by petrol stations and attach Apple Pay or a credit card (Adobe Stock)

The news was previewed by Reuters and is finding more and more confirmation: Thanks iOS 16It will be possible Pay for fuel with CarPlay. Different developer teams will already have specific apps to work hard on. In the United States, for example, there will be HF SinclairIt has more than 1,600 service stations and has announced that it will use the technology by the end of 2022. “Our customers will be able to navigate to a Sinclair station and buy fuel from the screen on their vehicle They explain.

The driving user only needs to open the distributor app CarplayThe system will calculate the amount of payment and with a key, The operation will be completed With Apple Pay or the corresponding credit card. Clearly, the ball goes to the brands themselves, who will have the task of developing applications through the new CarPlay APIs provided by Apple. See you now Even in Italy You may decide to move forward with this new technology immediately or you may have to wait the next few months for the apps to run smoothly.

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