With the removable battery, Samsung, something unexpected is about to happen


For several years now, the phone no longer has a removable battery. But there may be some changes in Samsung soon, which has been revealed by some rumors

An obsolete technology that has been lost for years, but which can now be regained by arrogance: Removable battery For smartphones. According to a recent rumor, Samsung He is thinking of launching a special model from which it will be possible to remove the battery and eventually replace it.

According to what has emerged in the last few hours, Samsung will be ready to launch a new sick phone with a removable battery (Adobe stock).

This is Galaxy Xcover6 Pro, A sturdy phone designed by South Korean House can withstand any kind of impact and be the most compact on the market. In the last few hours the device has popped up, even with a user manual Model code SM-G736B. Inside, there are clear references to removable batteries and how to best handle them.

About Samsung Galaxy Xcover6 Pro, new sick phone with removable battery

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Here are the pictures taken from the user’s manual (screenshot)

This will be an interesting test he is working on Samsung, Whose goal is to bring back removable batteries to smartphones. The new Rugged phone can be seen from the user manual Galaxy Xcover6 Pro Which, among other things, explains how the moved cell can be better managed.

The image shows what it is How to remove and apply the battery A few easy step devices. Which is virtually identical to the first Galaxy S launched by Samsung a few years ago. Among other information, the new Dr. Xcover6 Pro Will support a Snapdragon 778G, physical buttons, 3.5mm headphone jack, a fingerprint sensor on the side and microSD. In addition to a Photographic sector Including the main lens as well as the wide-angle lens. The presentation is set for the next one July 13, Aims to become the strongest in the ragged market with instruments. We will see if the launch will be extended to Italy or South Korea will be exclusive.

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