Woman buried alive seeks help from her Apple Watch




The technology can be the most surprising, as its uses today are the most diverse, be it requesting transportation, ordering food, seeing where we stand or even taking our pulse via vibration. And in a new news it is confirmed that A apple watch Saved a person, because it was destined to be a terrible end.

Specifically, a woman States has joined She was buried alive by her own husband, but was saved by sending a 911 alert through a smartwatch made by Apple. Rescuers are able to communicate through this notification Tarun SukWho was basically kidnapped and stabbed by his lover.

The incidents happened last Sunday. October 16, when Young Suk An Assaulted by members of his own family in his home Washington, it is a complaint after discussing an economic issue. Reports said the suspect beat and duct-taped the woman in her bedroom, then loaded her into his truck and drove her into the woods where he buried her.

As it turns out, after the series of stabbings, the woman fortunately did not die, so she was able to climb out of the not-so-deep well and reach a nearby house where she could seek help from her device. Thus, the woman was treated and hospitalized, later they found the person responsible for all this, the authorities immediately arrested him.

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Editor’s Comment: Many people think of the Apple Watch as a device without much of a purpose, but now it will be questioned whether it is any kind of life saver. Well, now its scope is much bigger than other generations.


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