Wondershare’s UniConverter is the ultimate video toolbox



(Pocket-lint) – If you work with video, whether professionally or for personal use, you’ll know that it can often be challenging to find one program that will work in the many ways you need.

Whether it’s converting file types, recording your screen, editing, sharing or compressing clips, and any number of other tasks, Wondershare has come up with a trump card in the form of UniConverter, a one-stop video toolbox. Keep reading to find out some of the features that make it such a versatile tool. 

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Convert your video files

As the name suggests, the original thought behind UniConverter was to provide a platform that made it super easy and quick to convert one video file to another type of file – whether because you need it to work on different hardware, or simply because you’d prefer to have your files in a different format.

This still works like a charm, and makes it a simple matter to convert your library to all be the same file type or to take individual files and quickly convert them when you’re in need of a particular solution. UniConverter can recognize and convert between every major file type out there right now, making sure that it’ll work perfectly for your needs. 

Make easy edits

Of course, converting video will be useful all the time, but there will also be countless occasions when you’ll need to make edits to your files, which is why UniConverter also includes a powerful range of editing tools to give you the power to make quick changes. 

You can trim your clips down to size if there’s unnecessary matter at the beginning or end, as well as crop it if the frame has some superfluous stuff cluttering it up. If you’re working with a video that you’d like to watermark that’s easily accomplished. Adjusting audio settings and adding effects and filters can be achieved with just a few clicks, too, meaning you can pretty much transform your clip without needing to resort to a separate piece of software. 

Record video

Indeed, you might even want to add extra material to one of your files, and UniConverter can help with that, too. Wondershare recently made a major upgrade to its screen-recording function, which can preserve your display’s resolution perfectly. That means that if you’re making a tutorial or how-to guide, for example, you can get a 1:1 screen recording to make your instructions easier to follow.

The feature lets you choose portions of your screen to record, if you only want certain segments, and you can also record video from your webcam if you want to get more material that way. You can also easily record audio to layer onto your videos, which means that the programme can basically become a full editing suite if you need and want it to. There’s even a fully-featured subtitles mode to let you add on-screen text for both accessibility and clarity. 

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Easily compress files

One issue that you may have had when working with video on other platforms is that any sort of editing or splicing together of different clips can leave you with an absolutely enormous file size when you export it – often far bigger than simply adding up the clips’ previous sizes. That can be a huge obstacle to sharing, uploading or storing video files, so UniConverter has a robust compression system to help you shrink down your files without compromising on quality. 

You can easily, with one click, compress files down to appropriate sizes for mobile playback, TV-quality or a number of other presets, to ensure that you’re not hanging onto enormous files for no good reason. That’ll quickly start saving you loads of space, and it’s also impressively quick to process. 

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Save video from the web

Moreover, you don’t even have to be restricted to files you already have when you work using Wondershare UniConverter – it also has a superb tool to let you easily download video from the web, across a range of streaming sites. 

All you need is the video’s URL to let you quickly download it, before you do whatever you like with it, whether you’re incorporating it into your own work, or just storing it for offline viewing. It’s a really convenient part of the package when you need it. 

These are just a handful of the features that you can take advantage of using UniConverter – you can download the app for yourself to try it out. Best of all, right now you can take advantage of a superb deal that Wondershare is running on a perpetual, lifetime plan for UniConverter. It’s down to $55.96 from $69.95, a great deal for a limitless amount of usage. 


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