World Password Day: co ancora “quella”, the most used? All the data (preoccupation) from the world and from Italy –



After all, if you choose this, you will find the most useful password in Italy and, in general, in the world. Nel 2021 sono state ben 2.049 le violazioni gravi, un dato che fatto registra il + 10% su base anua.

World Password Day è oggi - 050522
World Password Day è oggi – 050522

The popular Internet scoper, find a volta – the enzyme, for every tutta -, ben lontano da una condizione di assoluta sicurezza. Let’s change the password, and we’ll fix it World Password Day, la cosiddetta giornata mondiale della password. Because, in the old days, it is better to leave with a password than the one that secures everything in your life online: dati bancari all the supermarket accounts. There is no passage to return or contact, for the sake of the cose, and a chive of security.

We know that for the sake of affiliation not only the discourse relating to all passwords or some of the most useful, but also cybersecurity. Ebbene, a lot of passwords are very common in the world sol the solitaire ”123456“In addition to the cyber-criminal activity associated with the proliferators on the Internet, Given always more numbers and efficiency. Other than the classic numerica, the most common are the date of the nascita, the names of the figs and the domestic animals. The password will be entered in an instantaneous way and the metrics will be very sensitive to the data.

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Change prosperity: the ultimate frontier controlling cyber-attachment

World Password Day è oggi - 050522
World Password Day è oggi – 050522

The World Password Day is a tradition that even has a meaning when all technologies are not permitted to adapt to other modalities of authentication. Now that we’ve got our own version, we’ve come up with an exciting solution based on the scenario attuale with the great pace of learning to find the password that protects and registers.“. A parlarne Alessio Pennasilico, that the security of the web is the right thing to do. Il membro del Comitato Scientifico del ClusitItalian Association for Information Securities, ha redto – insieme ai suoi colleghi – the periodical report on securities online in our country.

The state of the art indicator numbers preoccupation: nel 2021 is the state registry ben. 2.049 attacchi informatici graviwith an aumento base base del 10%. Proceed to this motivation, the scientific association will transform the gearnata mondiale of the password into a gorinata mondiale dedicata alla ”Secure Authentication“, As the term is more ampio respiro in a panoramic evidently completes and stratificates its higher levels. Given the biometrics data – how it improves digitally, recognizes the need for 3D scanning technology in the 3D scan – the password: a gear to declare the security of our “chiavi” digitized toto.

Check Point Software Technologies offers basic information on how to create passwords and / or secure security features:

  • use a combination of cartridges;
  • has a different password for each service;
  • più è lunga, più è sicura;
  • change the password regularly;
  • Essentially the authenticity of due factors.

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Ed è proprio sulla authentication due to factors that met the point of exclusive Marco Ramilli, CEO of the Society for Securities Yoroi: “It also allows you to use randomly generated password generators and completely save in a password chain, so you can use a cassafort cipher utility to generate all the passwords and, to avoid a possible data leak of the content ” If you use a second factor in authentication Preferably attracts the app and does not attract the sms, to reduce the risk of sim swapping, the system or the fraudulent application of the sim“.


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