WWDC 2022 Keynote Today: Everything you need to know


WWDC 2022 is set to begin today, June 6 Apple is hosting its WWDC 2022 keynote address this evening (Indian time) to showcase its new software developments. Continuing this trend, Cupertino is expected to unveil the next version of its operating system, entitled iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS 13, watchOS 9 and tvOS 16. Some recent reports suggest that in addition to its new software release, Apple will feature some of its next-generation hardware in the keynote address. This could be the new MacBook Air with M2 chip or some extended Mac Mini and Mac Pro update.

During WWDC 2022 Keynote livestream, how to watch online

The WWDC 2022 Keynote will be held this morning at 10am PT (10:30 pm IST). The show will be streamed live via Apple YouTube Channel it Will also be streamed Through the Apple.com website, the Apple TV app, and the Apple Developer app. Moreover, you can watch it live from the video player embedded below.

What to expect at WWDC 2022

As in previous years, Apple is expected to announce a range of software-centric developments in its WWDC keynote. We can safely expect iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS 13, watchOS 9 and tvOS 16 launches at the event. In addition, the keynote address includes reports suggesting launching some new Mac devices. This could include the expected MacBook Air with the M2 chip, as well as the new Mac Mini and Mac Pro models.

iOS 16

One of the biggest attractions of this year’s WWDC is expected to be iOS 16. The iPhone’s new operating system will include notifications as well as new messaging and health app updates, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. On the messaging front, the iOS 16 update is said to bring a new audio-centric experience.

The interface of Apple iOS 16 has been reported to be upgraded with redesigned app icons, interactive widgets, upgraded theme options and a floating app window. Further, some improvements have been reported in the preloaded camera app section. Users can also expect improvements to the lock screen, such as new wallpapers and widget-like capabilities.

In addition to regular upgrades, iOS 16 is said to have support for the always-on-on-lock screen experience where the operating system will significantly reduce the frame rate for displaying “glansable information” if the display is disabled. This addition, however, is expected to be exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max at a later stage.

iPadOS 16

Like iOS 16, the iPadOS 16 is expected to catch some eye at this year’s WWDC Keynote. The new iPadOS version will have an enhanced multitasking experience similar to macOS, Gurman said in his recent newsletter Power On.

It has been reported that users will be able to resize the app window when using multiple apps at the same time. This is one step ahead of the existing split view where two apps can be opened simultaneously.

macOS 13

While there aren’t many reports to suggest what’s coming in MacOS 13, we can expect some growing changes. One of them may be an update to the settings app. Apple apps that have been preloaded with some keystrokes in the operating system are also expected to get a design overhaul this time.

As part of its nomenclature, macOS 13 may get the mammoth title – based on a region in the Sierra Nevada. Apple has also considered naming the mountain range for previous MacOS versions.

watchOS 9

For Apple Watch users, this year’s WWDC Keynote is expected to bring watchOS 9 as an update. The new watchOS release will have improvements that, according to Gurman, will “affect the day-to-day operating and navigation” of the Apple Watch. In addition to the iPhone, the watch hardware may also have new health apps to improve health tracking.

Apple is said to be working to improve the atrial fibrillation detection feature, which will be detailed in the keynote address.


There are no significant details about what we can expect in the TVOS 16 section. However, it is safe to assume that Apple will announce some improvements to retain its users on Apple TV. Some past reports have suggested that Apple would bring HomeOS as its dedicated smart home operating system. That has not yet been officially announced. Still, we can expect TVOS to get some new features to control smart home devices from a TV.

New Mac device

Although Apple has a history of launching its hardware at dedicated events, a recent report suggests that the company may use its WWDC keynote this time around to unveil some new Mac devices. This may include the new MacBook Air, which for some time has been a part of the rumor mill. It will come with M2 chips as well as some new design-level changes, including eye-catching shades. The new Apple Silicon is unlikely to have significant performance upgrades compared to the existing M1 series but some improvements to help provide a better battery life and an improved user experience.

There are rumors that work is underway on the new MacBook Air as well as the high-end Mac Mini and the new Mac Pro. Both may be featured in the keynote address as Apple’s new hardware offer.

However, for iPhone and Apple Watch lovers, Apple is only expected to host one special event in September.

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