Xbox game passes, new free games take us to Asia


A new game offered with the free Xbox Game Pass takes us to incredible places. Let’s take a journey to discover Asia in his company

Come there on Monday, June 20th A huge number of innovations Inside the Xbox game pass, one game is more interesting than the other. One of these concerns the arrival of a well-known title that is fully distributed Free. This is a very tasty initiative for players who have the opportunity to test a game before buying So check to see if it’s worth it.

Xbox Games New Free Games in Asia (Source xbox)

This time it seems to be the turn of one of them Games Can be exploited for free by those who love a certain kind of genre. The title in question is a project that will start and reach the platform June 21st. The Xbox was, a few days ago, talking about New releases planned.

Thanks to Asia for the Xbox Game Pass

Read which one Game Phil Spencer surprised, The head of Xbox. A satisfying new entry, at least in the world of Verdecrosiato, after we saw the introduction of FIFA 22 Total war three states. This is news shared through official account PC game pass Is Twitter, Although no official statement has been released from Redmond House. Despite this, the list of games made completely free is sufficient Rich Ed Seductive.

Xbox Games Pass New Free Games in Asia
Xbox Games Pass New Free Games in Asia (Source Twitter)

A very interesting list which, however, will have to wait to know whether it will be official or change Press release From its home Redmond. It is news that players must be welcomed with open arms, because many people like these Free enterprise. A special focus on Total War Three Kingdom, a title that allows us to have a unique experience in distant Asia.

  • Shadow Trilogy Usable on consoles and PCs, available June 21;
  • Total war three states For PC from June 21;
  • Hell Bladepoint For consoles from 23 June;
  • FIFA 22 Intended for consoles and available from June 23;
  • Escape Academy Eligible for console play from June 28th.

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