Xbox Series S will get a new bundle with rewards for games



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The Christmas season is dangerously close, so some video game companies are launching various bundles and special editions of consoles, including switch OLED of pokemon Even the package PS5 con COD: MWII. And now it has been confirmed Xbox He is not far behind, for a bundle will soon arrive series S.

The package in question is namedXbox Series S – Gilded Hunter Bundle, which comes with everything from conventional consoles, but adds cosmetics and virtual currency to buy skins and more. In particular, they are about free to play titles that continue to be a success in gaming today Fortnite, Fall Guys Y Rocket League.

The console will be sold and29 November And supplies will last. It will pay a price $299 USDBut it will also be available from 24 months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate through Xbox All Access24 payments in return $24.99 USD

Xbox Series S - Gilded Hunter Bundle Hero Assets

The content that will be needed Fortnite It’s Hunter Saber’s Outfit, Saber’s Fang Pickaxe, The Hunt Begins Paper, and 1000 Pavos. For Rocket League we have Fennec vehicles, Huntress decals, Orange Hexphase Boost and Titanium Asto CSX rims. And Fall Guys will add Falltron Ultra, Falltronic emote, Falltronic badge and 1000 Flukes.

It is worth commenting that the package does not include games or anything similar. Of course, since the titles are crossplay, they’ll be able to use the skins in other versions of the titles, as long as they’re exchanged.

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Editor’s note: This is a good option, especially for young gamers who want to spend hours on these easily accessible video games. Since the console is much cheaper than a PC, obviously parents will go for this option for holiday gifts.


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