Xbox will charge this amount for its game streaming devices




Last summer something rather strange was announced Xboxproject keystoneWhich will bet on being a cheaper alternative to consoles Microsoft. It’s a sort of Fire Stick, which connects to the internet and will be able to stream the company’s games. the game pass through the clouds

game boss Microsoft said the podcast The Verge’s Decoder The company that created it keystone And some employees took it home to prove it, as seen in a photo from the office spencer Last month. And while it worked well, it proved too expensive for the company to manufacture.

Here is their statement:

The console we built that people see now, the Keystone, was more expensive than we were when we built it with the hardware we had inside, and we decided to focus that team effort on delivering smart TV streaming.

With Keystone, we pay attention to when we can get the cost right, but when you have the Series S for $299 and you’re going to see a price promotion around the holidays, obviously I’d have the Series X more, I think just for a box of transmissions, the S- Its price delta must be significant.

I’d like to be able to include a controller when we go to do this. So it really comes down to whether we can make the right product at the right price, or if we can’t, how can we focus the team’s efforts? And we decided to develop TV app with Samsung and we are very happy with the result.

He then included an image of what the price might be:

I don’t want to announce the price specifically, but I think it’s going to be $129, $99, in my opinion, somewhere to figure it out as if we weren’t there. The reason it’s on my shelf is because the team rolled up their sleeves and built that thing in nine months. And a bunch of us took it home and it worked. It worked very, very well.

There is no fixed date yet for the final release of the product and hence its price has been announced.

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Editor’s note: Kesytone’s project sounds quite interesting, especially for those who don’t have enough money to buy a console. However, its servers must run with a medium quality internet, otherwise it won’t get much acceptance.


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