Xbox will fuel the console wars


It is well known that in the 90s there were two great competitors in selling electronic devices, neither more nor less. Nintendo y sega, each with interesting features. After that, the console war was put on hiatus and, according to an executive, returned due to the great popularity it generated. Xbox 360.

Former company executive, Peter Moore, Commenting that while he was working in the company, he faced a tough competition Playstation 3 and its various versions. As a means of enriching the competition Microsoft y sonyThe same has helped the industry despite having a hole with the hoop of death.

Here is what he commented:

We encourage console wars, not to create divisions, but to challenge each other. And when I say each other, I mean Microsoft and Sony.

If Microsoft hadn’t sued after the Xbox, after the red ring of death, gaming would be a poorer place, you wouldn’t have the competition you have today.

If we hadn’t solved it that way, I know there would be no Xbox today.

Assisted in executive launch Xbox 360After years of service in Yuga Dream character inside sega. He even announced the release date Hello 2 Through a tattoo, although sources disagree on whether it is fake or real.

Through: Eurogamer


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