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Possible giaffe of Xiaomi, which if lasciata shuffles a promotional poster with the debut of the new model 12 Ultra. All of these data retrieval is based on data

In this ultimate settlement, there is no other way to parlor the new Xiaomi 12 Ultra. We have a top-notch gamma that will make the Chinese take advantage of the mercantile lanciare, with superior caratteriche and prometheus of their battaglia and their main competitors. Train the new principal, it is secure professional photo camera with a component module in the posterior part.

This is an important information in a quote that can be found in the new Xiaomi 12 Ultra. Treat a promotional poster (screenshot)

There have been rumors and various announcements, one of the first debuts has been made public. Xiaomi (forci con una gaffe). At Infatti trapelato a poster promotional that, on its own, contains the data of the first mercato. Everyone has shared this on Twitter with tipster Ben Geskin.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra, a promotional poster without the data of the lancio

A promotional poster that faces a lot of discouragement. Qualora dovesse rivelarsi real and non fake, avremmo già da ora l’ufficialità della data di debutto ufficiale dell’attesisimo Xiaomi 12 Ultra. Si parla del 10 maggio, as reported by new tipster Ben Geskin on Twitter. The imagery shared some details – or configuration – to query the most technically scheduling device on top of the gigantic Chinese gamma. Il SoC sarà il Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+, updated version and more potential (no more present). We have a chip on the 4 nanometry product of TSMC, which provides maximum efficiency from the point of autonomy.

Securely the information emerges vanno prese con le pinze. Non sono arrivate conferme sulla veridicità dell’immagine, and not to mention that alla fine si tratti di un fake. The fact that there are so many other leakers and specifics of the settler is an indication of the finesse of Maggio as to which utility per The first smartphone. If you look at a promotional poster in a processor without any official presentation, but you will probably find important new ones even if you don’t feel comfortable with the process.

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