Xiaomi and Leica are partnering for an ‘imaging flagship’ this July.



Let the xiaomi 12 ultra leica go digital


  • Xiaomi has signed a deal with Leica for camera technology on its flagship phone.
  • The first Xiaomi-Leica “imaging flagship” will launch in July.

Rumors about a possible Xiaomi-Leica partnership have been confirmed today. Xiaomi has announced a long-term strategic partnership with the German camera maker. The deal comes in the form of a flagship phone focused on imaging this July.

Leica had previously joined forces with Huawei. Since the P9 was launched in 2016, its camera technology has been a part of Chinese OEM phones. However, Revealed leaked Last year the camera company was looking for a new partner and its collaboration with Huawei would end with the P50 series. Although Huawei has previously denied this development, it seems the Liquors were on point.

However, the first rumors of Xiaomi-Leica partnership may appear on Xiaomi 12 Ultra. The company did not say so precisely, but Data-based render A Leica-branded 12 Ultra is now rounding for a while. The phone rang Expected Featuring a quad-camera setup with a 50MP IMX800 main camera and a periscope zoom lens.

Huawei’s Leica-branded phones offer monochromatic images through software and camera hardware. They also provided color filters in the camera app. We see similar implementation in Xiaomi’s Leica-stamped devices.

“We are confident that the first jointly developed imaging flagship smartphone will showcase the progress of both companies. We will provide consumers with exceptional image quality, classic Leica aesthetics, limited creativity in mobile photography and usher in a new era of mobile imaging, ”Matthias Hersh, CEO of Leica Camera AG, said in a press release.


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