Xiaomi has launched a machine for making soups and smoothies



Xiaomi has launched a machine for making soups and smoothies

Xiaomi never stops launching products from the MIJIA range for the smart home. If we already talked about its latest kitchen robot or its new hot air oven on other occasions, today we know that the Chinese company has launched one. Smart drink machine.

As reported by GizmochinaThis new MIJIA series intelligent machine Automatically cleans itself And it has multiple cooking options: from soups, through juices and even smoothies. And best of all, if the pot is changed after cooking, Self-cleaning.

State-of-the-art technology for food processors specializing in liquids

Xiaomi has launched a machine for making soups and smoothies

Image of Xiaomi Smart Drink Machine

Using this new MIJIA machine Triple clean technology Blades that remove water, a temperature of 75 degrees to remove dirt from them and a “high temperature steam process” to sterilize.

This machine also has one Six blade steel knife Crush and mix the ingredients. There is also a nine speed selector and you can also adjust the hardness or softness of the material being cut. We also find a four-liter water tank, which can accommodate two cycles of papping and self-cleaning at maximum capacity. The water is heated in the tank itself Can stay hot for up to four hours.

Needless to say, this machine can be Pair and control from the MIJIA app, from where you can choose from over 50 recipes stored in the cloud. Among the most popular are soy milk soups, smoothies and teas, among many others.

For now, this machine is already available in China for an estimated price change of 150 euros, but it has one important drawback: Not likely to hit the global market From what is inferred from published data.

Xiaomi offers exciting products beyond its excellent lineup of mobile phones, but its absence (at least so far) in the global market surprises us. At some point we will be able to enjoy them.

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