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Another new arrival in front of Xiaomi. After all, the Chinese language has landed its third generation of Walkie Talkies. Prezzo e caratteristiche tecniche

Xiaomi seems to be irrefutable, and not just for those who want to save their smartphone. Nelle scorse ore, l’azienda cinese ha lancciato il suo Walkie Talkies in the latest generation. And there’s always a new introverted approach due to modeling, which gives you a sense of humor at the top of the gamma with your set.

In order to arrive at the new Walkie Talkie on the latest generation of Xiaomi targets, with the latest intriguing novelty (Screenshot)

It is very important to secure the support of LTE Netcom technology, making it the most popular operating system. Thanks to this feature in more, the most possible stabilizing communication fines and a distanza massima di 5000 km!

Walkie Talkie on Xiaomi, one thing is for sure

xiaomi walkie talkie 20220410 cellulari.it
If you have the ability to stabilize the connection with a distance of 3000 meters with a very disposable. Ultra ad un’atonomia super (Screenshot)

Il nuovo Xiaomi Walkie Talkie 3 If present as a dispositional dalit caratteristiche super. In addition, it supports various interconnection methods, including vocabulary bidding. The scheda technically has an altoparlant unit of up to 40 mm and a chip of elaborate audio to sell mercury. Gli utenti potranno increase the volume by 30% In most cases due to precedents. And obviously not being able to manipulate the ambiguity of the rumor, with an algorithm in the gradation of the tasso distortion of 10.9%.

The battery level, the Xiaomi service is evident. Ci sarà una cella da 3000 mAh, in grades guaranteed up to 100 hours of autonomy in standby and 60 hours of utilization. For the record, it is a coma port USB Type-C to get even better. Present poi un display of 2 with IP54 certifications, to resist even the most advanced conditions. Infinite Bluetooth sensor and the 3.5mm audio jack, due to the impermanent caratteristic. At the moment, Xiaomi decides to sell the only product in China at a price of 399 yuan, Circa 58 euro to cambio. Not to mention that in the future there will be even more Italian mercurial or exclusive quilts from Asiatico.

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